HS Diploma Your Way

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Not every student is successful in traditional education. Some have learning challenges or exceptional skills. Traditional education has a limited ability to cater to these students with a certain level of success.


We have helped students assess their unique gifts and interests, define what they want to do in the future, and coach them to discover their options.


First, we start with a 30-minute consultation of the entire process of obtaining an accredited diploma through our education affiliate. They grant high school credit and Diplomas for previous high school credits, volunteer and work experiences, hobbies, certificate courses, self-designed courses and more. This will help you identify areas that you may already have credits you didn’t know you had and a starting point.


Second, we show you how to personalize your plan, making you aware of the many options available that you may not have considered. This also allows you to make course choices that interest you based on your student’s future goals.


Third, We help you prepare the necessary documentation before and after the process, communicate with the affiliate agency on your behalf, and prepare a portfolio ready to submit to receive your accredited diploma.


You end up with Your Diploma Your Way!

If you’re a parent of a student that could benefit from an individualized graduation program that encourages different learning opportunities, set up your FREE 30-minute consultation today, so you can make an informed decision moving forward.


With all the available opportunities there is little reason why your child can’t graduate and enjoy the process. We look forward to meeting you and your student. Everyone is unique and valuable in God’s eyes.


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