So what is an Advancement Strategist?

advancement strategist

An Advancement Strategist is a professional coach that offers a positive and encouraging partnership with clients, to support them through a self-discovery process.

This positions clients in a more effective position to avoid pitfalls, adopt real perspectives and maximize their ability to make more confident decisions.



Allow us to help you assess your immediate situation. We’ll use powerful questioning of your values, intentions, areas of instability, strengths and the obstacles that may hinder you from moving forward in your desired results.


This will help you identify your current supports, resources and skills, and gain new perspectives for a clearer plan of action. In most cases my clients are encouraged in a more certain direction from our first conversation.


How Positive Change Occurs

There are different theories about how change occurs. In strategic coaching it is when the client is ready for it. My expertise is to discern you’re readiness so you can take ownership of your situation.

Let me  help you weigh your priorities, based on your values, goals, and objectives. This takes focus, trust, change, action, and accountability. You decide for yourself, but not by yourself.


What Strategic Advancement Coaching is NOT!

Strategic Advancement Coaching is NOT counseling, which offers psychological advice. Rather, it is client led, where the coach questions what the client wants; assessing their values, motives, beliefs and resources, to help them make more informed decisions.

Strategic Advancement Coaching is NOT therapy, which is negative, past & pain focused. Rather, it is a positive, forward thinking, solution minded method, aimed to encourage stability and build confidence in the client’s ability to get the results they really want.



Disclaimer: Alpha Advancement Strategies Coaching does not claim to be a counselor or therapist. Clients must sign a waiver acknowledging they understand this. The role of the life coach is to offer clients resources upon which they can be better informed to make their own decisions.


How We Begin

Initial consultation is FREE via phone or Skype. Client needs will be determined based on the consult conversation.

The first strategy session: via phone, Skype, or in person. Acquaints You with the coaching process, assesses your needs and defines a starting point.

Future strategy sessions: Approximately 1 hour each, Discusses your current obstacles, and helps you develops plan of action to begin making changes toward your results.

Communication and support: This is vital in-between meetings, and FREE via brief email or phone calls ten minutes or less. Can be coach or client initiated as needed.

There is a minimum 6 hour paid agreement for new clients prior to the first session. Agreements may spread out up to 3 months depending on the client’s needs.  Additional meetings are charged as requested or recommended. Payments can be paid directly by credit card or through Paypal as invoices are sent via email link.

The three month minimum commitment is for the benefit of individual clients, to allow changes in perceptions, habits, results, etc. This method ensures a lasting change and offers the client accountability. Organizational agreements vary depending on client needs.